Body Renewals at the Day Spa

Body Renewals bring a rich history of healing to the body, quieting the mind and soothing the spirit. We have drawn from the Ayurvedic tradition of India which strives to bring balance and health in your entire being, and the classic spa therapies of Europe that have been used since the time of the Romans to nurture and mend the body. No visit to our spa would be complete without one of these luxurious and beneficial treatments.

*Gratuity of 18% will be added to each treatment.  *Appointments must be booked in advance.

Wentworth Signature Enriching Scrub
The intensive exfoliation in this luxurious treatment is designed to bring new life and
rejuvenation to dry, dull, out-of-condition skin, including your hands and feet. All-over
deep hydration will encourage a smoother and softer feel. Soothe your body and soul
while you are gently wrapped in a warm cocoon of sheets and treated to a healing
warm oil scalp massage.
*Please do not shave or wax on the day of this service.
80 Minutes, $180
Citrus Detox Reviving Scrub
Feeling sluggish or lethargic and experiencing the effects of burning the candle at both
ends? Detoxify with a body exfoliation followed with reviving and hydrating body serums
meant to increase metabolic function and release toxins while you relax in a cocoon of
warm sheets. You will feel fresh and alive when finished.
*Please do not shave or wax on the day of this service.
50 Minutes, $135 | 80 Minutes, $175
Detoxifying Seaweed Wrap
This nourishing seaweed treatment remineralizes your skin and detoxifies your system. Vital nutrients are absorbed
after applying marine-based products as we gently wrap you in warm sheets. A blissful finishing application of firming
body cream leaves you toned and vibrant.
50 Minutes, $135 | 80 Minutes, $175
Seaside Hydrating Wrap
Allow your body to be nourished and pampered with luxuriously hydrating body butters and oils. Choose from either a
scalp or foot massage while you relax into a state of bliss.
50 Minutes, $130
Salty & Sweet Body Exfoliation
Softer, healthier skin begins with sea salt or sugar scrubs to exfoliate and invigorate
the skin. A finishing application of the finest body creams prevent future dryness and
leave you soft as silk.
*Please do not shave or wax on the day of this service.
50 Minutes, $130
Back to Basics
This purifying and deep cleansing “facial for the back” pampers and perfects your skin for a smooth glowing radiance.
25 Minutes, $85 | 50 Minutes, $130