Touch Therapies

Massage and Touch Therapies begin with a brief inquiry that will blend your history, current needs and the massage therapists' skills to create a massage that is as unique as you are.

*Please note that any of our 50 Minute or 80 Minute massages may be scheduled individually or in our Couples Suite.

*Gratuity of 18% will be added to each treatment.  *Appointments must be booked in advance.

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Wentworth Signature Perfect Massage
Your body constantly changes as do your treatment needs for healing and restoration.
The Signature Perfect massage allows you to personally customize your service with
any of our available techniques.
80 Minutes, $195
Swedish Massage
The traditional art of relaxation. Classic light- to medium-pressure techniques lull you
into a state of bliss, increase circulation, and relieve tension while easing sore muscles.
50 Minutes, $130 | 80 Minutes, $160
Therapeutic Healing Massage
Medium- to deeper-tissue techniques target specific areas of need. Reduces chronic
muscular pain, relieves post-athletic tension, and releases tight muscles.
50 Minutes, $130 | 80 Minutes, $160
De-Stress Muscle Massage
A deeply restorative treatment for soothing the busy mind while treating fatigued muscles
and joints. Specialized techniques and products thoroughly ease your muscles while
inviting a calm balance to your mind, body, and spirit.
80 Minutes, $190
Warm Stone Retreat
Smooth basalt stones are warmed and used for balancing the energy centers in the
body and to encourage muscle relaxation. Retreat to your own blissful state of mind.
80 Minutes, $170
This journey combines the power of pure essential oils with a specialized massage of
both East and West traditions. Spinal pressures and foot reflex sequences target the
nervous system to bring the body and mind back into balance.
50 Minutes, $140 | 80 Minutes, $170
Mother-To-Be Massage
Designed specifically so both you and your baby are nurtured in gentle support. Please consult your physician prior to experiencing massage. Must be outside your first trimester to receive this treatment.
50 Minutes, $130

*Please consult your Doctor prior to booking your appointment.  You must be outside of your first trimester to receive this treatment.

Custom Express Massage
An abbreviated version of the Swedish massage focused on the areas you discuss with your therapist.
25 Minutes, $80
Warm Oil Scalp Massage
This rich warm oil treatment delivers vitamins and nutrients to the hair and scalp for balancing and relieving dry conditions.
Improves the texture of your hair.
25 Minutes, $80
Tired Leg & Foot Massage
Focusing on specific pressure points of the feet and lower leg, your therapist can affect various organ systems to restore balance and energy flow.
25 Minutes, $80*
Reiki Energy Massage

Indulge your mind, body and spirit. An ultimate combination of joining full body massage with the healing powers of Reiki.

50 Minutes, $120*

Massage Enhancements
Tired Leg & Foot Massage, Warm Oil Scalp Massage, Hydrating Facial Masque, Warm Stones.
$45 when added to any 50-minute or 80-minute treatment.